$66 Yaheetech Black Makeup Case Rolling Train Case Lockable Cosmetic Beauty Personal Care Tools Accessories Beauty Personal Care , Tools Accessories,Case,/metagastrula1662171.html,Black,Case,Cosmetic,Rolling,Train,Yaheetech,Lockable,epi-note.jp,Makeup,$66 $66 Yaheetech Black Makeup Case Rolling Train Case Lockable Cosmetic Beauty Personal Care Tools Accessories Yaheetech Popular products Black Makeup Case Train Rolling Cosmetic Lockable Yaheetech Popular products Black Makeup Case Train Rolling Cosmetic Lockable Beauty Personal Care , Tools Accessories,Case,/metagastrula1662171.html,Black,Case,Cosmetic,Rolling,Train,Yaheetech,Lockable,epi-note.jp,Makeup,$66

Yaheetech Popular products Black Indianapolis Mall Makeup Case Train Rolling Cosmetic Lockable

Yaheetech Black Makeup Case Rolling Train Case Lockable Cosmetic


Yaheetech Black Makeup Case Rolling Train Case Lockable Cosmetic

Product Description

Rolling Makeup Train Case

Quick overview:

This 22-inch multitier cosmetics case is designed to help you keep cosmetics and makeup tools in various kinds neat and handy. It has 4 slide-out side trays, equipped with antirust yet durable aluminum sliding tracks for extremely smooth operation, to store small items. The large upper storage compartment is capable of keeping hair tools like hair dryer, flat/curling iron, palettes and other cosmetics in relatively large size. The bottom drawer can hold hair brushes and short bottles. Detachable all-directional rolling wheels make this trolley makeup case convenient to carry around. Minimalist design and chic style render it stand out from all the cosmetic case on markets.

Aesthetically pleasing professional makeup train case with powerful functions, don’t miss it!

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Extra Large Makeup Case Large Makeup Case Rolling Makeup Trolley Rolling Makeup Trolley Rolling Makeup Trolley Professional Makeup Case
Dimension Aluminum Frame, PVC Surface and MDF Plate Aluminum Frame, PVC Surface and MDF Plate Aluminum Frame, ABS Surface and MDF Plate Aluminum Frame, ABS Surface and MDF Plate Heavy-duty Hardware, PVC Surface and MDF Plate Aluminum Frame, ABS Surface and MDF Plate
Material 13.39 x 10.04 x 31.69''(LxWxH) 14.17 x 9.45 x 30.71''(LxWxH) 13.50 x 9.53 x 21.85''(LxWxH) 13.50 x 9.53 x 21.85''(LxWxH) 14.76 x 9.80 x 22.64''(LxWxH) 13.66 x 8.74 x 9.84''(LxWxH)
Features 4 All Direction Wheels A Free Makeup Brush Bag and 4 All Direction Wheels 4 All Direction Wheels A Large Sliding Drawer and 4 All Direction Wheels PVC Leather Covered and 4 All Direction Wheels Portable Professional Case

Yaheetech Black Makeup Case Rolling Train Case Lockable Cosmetic

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HeLa Cell Histones

In: Fluorescence Microscopy

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