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PrimoChill Vue Pre-Mix 32oz Candy 5 online shopping popular Toxic -

PrimoChill Vue Pre-Mix (32oz) - Toxic Candy


PrimoChill Vue Pre-Mix (32oz) - Toxic Candy

Product Description

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PrimoChill has gone to great lengths to make Vue as easy to use as possible, but please keep in mind that it is for EXPERIENCED USERS looking for that extra aesthetic and requires more attention and maintenance and any other coolant Adding Vue to the system also requires more work than just pouring it in, but a spotless loop and ZERO air inductions during filling the system will make for less overall headaches.

Vue has a HIGH attraction to dyes. It's possible that it may leach old dyes out of components that had previously dyed coolants ran through them (radiators in particular). No amount of flushing with water will remove all previous dyes. This may result in Vue changing color slightly. For best results flush your system with PrimoChill System ReBoot prior to using VUE in existing systems that contained dyed coolant.

Sys Reboot is for loops that have seen coolant before dyed or not dyed. Reboot is effective at removing previous dyes from the loop, especially from the radiator. It also works very well on neutralizing some coolant additives that are left behind from previous coolants. Reboot also has properties to help set up a barrier for corrosion as well as microbes, eliminating the need for Sysprep.

Step 1 - Vue

Step 1 - Prepping

If your system is brand new we recommend using both Rad Clean and Sys Prep. If you have existing system, utilize our Rad clean and then move to step 2.

Step 1 - Vue

Step Two - Vue

Step 3 - Vue

Step 4 - Vue



PrimoPrep was created with Vue in mind and should always be used when using Vue. The pre-treatment helps control the fluctuation of the PH levels in your system caused by high levels of copper typically due to large capacity radiators. With this treatment, it also prepares the system for use of coolants in a mix metal closed-loop environment leaving the guesswork a thing of the past. This is a MANDATORY prep if not your Vue will FAIL.

  • Slowly add the prep fluid to your loop and avoid letting air into the system to prevent bubbles from slowing down the process. The more bubbles the more flushes are needed. Fill the reservoir, cycling the pump and repeating the process until the loop is full. is normally the best practice, for prep and the final coolant. Address leaks immediately, and if there are flow issues look at the entire loop to make sure that the coolant is flowing in the correct direction. Now it is time to let the system work its magic. We recommend running the prep for 24 - 48 hours. You may use the system during this process. After the waiting period is over, drain the system and inspect the loop for any debris that may have dislodged during the flush. If all looks well it is time to do a final rinse.
  • Rinse the system until the water runs clear and is bubble-free. Next, drain the system completely. The goal is to get out as much leftover fluid. Tipping the system over, back to back, and upside down will help free any fluid hiding in corners of blocks and in tops or ends of radiators. You may be surprised by how much fluid remains, so take your time.
  • Slowly add the coolant and fill the reservoir ¾ of the way before cycling the pump. Cycle the pump for five seconds, or until the water level drops on the reservoir to ¼. Stop and refill the reservoir ¾ of the way and cycle the pump again. Continue to do this until the loop is “bled” of air and residue fluid. Once the system is bled it should be very quiet. If you here churning, knocking and bubbling then there is still air in the system. Once it is quiet, put the cap back on the reservoir and top is all the way off through the port in the top. This process should take 2-3 hours depending on the size of your loop and it's complexity.


1. Running your pump at a slow RPM/speed will help keep your Vue together. Running at high speeds will create a shearing effect on the exist of the pump and inlet and outlets of water blocks. The shear is essentially ripping apart all the goodies inside your Vue coolant. You will start to see a collection of white residue on the inside of the tubes if so time to crank down the pump speed.

2. Almost every case on the market has room to mount a radiator to the top of your case. When using this mount it can cause issues with Vue if you do not properly bleed all of the air out of that radiator. Take your time and tilt/rock your case back and forth and side to side so any air trapped in the radiator will hopefully get forced out. This can time a little bit of time so go slow and keep an eye out for bubbles.

Vue PC Opaque True Opaque True Transparent Pc Ice
Vue PC Opaque True Opaque True Transparent PC Ice
Difficulty Expert Intermediate Intermediate Beginner Beginner
Fluid Type Show Fluid (performance properties) Performance Fluid Performance Fluid Performance Fluid Performance Fluid
Available Colors 25 25
Biocidal Growth Inhibitors
Recommended for Daily Use
Conductivity Low Low Low Low Low
Water Based


  • ALUMINUM WATER-COOLING COMPONENTS | Aluminum water-cooling components are not compatible with Vue as over a brief period Vue breaks apart and loses all Vue effects.
  • SILVER COILS, SILVER COMPONENTS, SILVER PLATED COMPONENTS | Silver Coils, Silver components, and Silver plated components are not compatible with Vue as the release of silver from these sources break the structure of Vue and will cause the fluid to lose all effects.
  • ADDITION OF WATER, DYES, ANTI-MICROBIAL, ANTI-CORROSIVE | Addition of water, dyes, anti-microbial, and anti-corrosive will cause Vue to break down as the chemical balance in Vue is altered with the addition of any of these. If you need to top of your loop then it needs to be topped off with Vue of the same color. Do not mix assorted colors of Vue as each color is balanced to specific levels that should not be altered.
  • ANY FITTINGS THAT HAVE A NON-NICKEL INTERIOR FINISH | It’s important to choose the right set of fittings as Vue and the interior of each fitting make contact. Always choose a fitting that has a nickel finish inside. Stay away from non nickel finishes and interior painted fittings as this can cause Vue to breakdown.
  • BAY RESERVOIRS | Bay reservoirs pose a difficult challenge for Vue as some manufactures require a gap of air to remain in the reservoir for it to function properly. Any additional air introduced to a loop running Vue will cause Vue to breakdown overtime.
  • ALWAYS CHECK | with manufactures website for updated compatibility issues. www keepingit cool/vue

PrimoChill Vue Pre-Mix (32oz) - Toxic Candy