Series,Pro,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,R-Wing,Fletcher,,/hyperconscientious1577191.html,$42,BPE, $42 BPE Pro Series Fletcher, R-Wing Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Series,Pro,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,R-Wing,Fletcher,,/hyperconscientious1577191.html,$42,BPE, $42 BPE Pro Series Fletcher, R-Wing Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness BPE Max 82% OFF Pro Series R-Wing Fletcher BPE Max 82% OFF Pro Series R-Wing Fletcher

BPE Max 82% OFF Pro Series 2021 model R-Wing Fletcher

BPE Pro Series Fletcher, R-Wing


BPE Pro Series Fletcher, R-Wing

Product description

Will fletch 3 fletch 120 degree,4 fletch 75X150 degree,60X120 degree and 90X90 degree, cock fletch up, down out or any angle desired. Head is degreed using a CNC milling which is accurate to one ten thousandth of an inch, for setting both the fletch and nock angles. Indexable upper shafts support is designed to hold each size shafts from 12/64 to 27/64. Hardened indexing contact points for non-wearing accuracy. No ball bearings. .

BPE Pro Series Fletcher, R-Wing

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