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Lanard Workman Ultimate Workbench


Lanard Workman Ultimate Workbench

Product description

The ultimate workbench is here! Over 72 pieces of tools, nuts and bolts. Pretend to carve your own wooden baseball bat with the spinning lathe. Pretend to nail down everything with your Power Nailer, which powers up to create realistic sound and has light up feature. Clamp down your projects with the side vise clamp. Layout your tools on the hanging hooks, extended side table, pull down bins and low level shelf. Get ready for some hard work - Workman style!WORKMAN tools look and feel just like the real thing! These realistic tools are rugged, fun and safe for play for ages 3 and up. Heavy duty 72-piece workbench with working tools! Comes with spinning lathe, working grinder and wood working tools Includes realistic B/O Light amp; Sound Nail Gun Comes with saw, hammer, wrenches, 32 nuts amp; bolts, 4 tool hangers amp; more! Plenty of storage area A great, creative learning toy for young builders! Batteries included in power tools.

Lanard Workman Ultimate Workbench

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