Pet Supplies , Dogs,/esthesiogeny1577826.html,Dog,Pet,Giant,Wrapped,Natural,Dpc88044,Center,44-Ounce,,Chicken,$23,B $23 Pet Center Dpc88044 44-Ounce Natural Giant Chicken Wrapped Dog B Pet Supplies Dogs $23 Pet Center Dpc88044 44-Ounce Natural Giant Chicken Wrapped Dog B Pet Supplies Dogs Pet Ranking TOP16 Center Dpc88044 44-Ounce Natural Chicken Giant B Wrapped Dog Pet Supplies , Dogs,/esthesiogeny1577826.html,Dog,Pet,Giant,Wrapped,Natural,Dpc88044,Center,44-Ounce,,Chicken,$23,B Pet Ranking TOP16 Center Dpc88044 44-Ounce Natural Chicken Giant B Wrapped Dog

Pet Ranking TOP16 Center Dpc88044 44-Ounce Natural Chicken sold out Giant B Wrapped Dog

Pet Center Dpc88044 44-Ounce Natural Giant Chicken Wrapped Dog B


Pet Center Dpc88044 44-Ounce Natural Giant Chicken Wrapped Dog B

Product description

Pet Center treats delicately baked bone shape cookie with real chicken breast wrapped around the center. Made from high quality bone shaped biscuits wrapped in the middle with PCI's 100-percent natural chicken breast tenders strips. It has always favorite of dogs. This treats are hormone, preservative and additive free. Low in fat and ACA endorsed. Available in large size. Comes with 44-ounce resalable plastic canister.

Pet Center Dpc88044 44-Ounce Natural Giant Chicken Wrapped Dog B

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