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ChessCentral gift School of Ranking TOP19 Tactics Elementary

ChessCentral School of Elementary Tactics


ChessCentral School of Elementary Tactics

Product description

School of Elementary Tactics consists of two distinct databases for your comprehensive training in chess tactics. The first database consists of highly respected chess tactics author Martin Weteschnik presenting a course in the theories of tactics. The second database makes use of the advantages of a modern database program to hone your tactical skills. But that 's not all. You get an interactive test that takes you from being theoretically schooled to a skilled tactician ready for real-world practice. In both databases, the author has used the modern techniques of audio and video clips to enhance your learning experience. Here is an extract from the introduction to "The School of Elementary Tactics": "What constitutes a combination? Which parts are actually combined? These are the elements - the tactical elements and motifs - that are combined. To show and explain them is subject of this CD. For the first time you will find the tactical motifs explained down to their primary parts. This will give you a real profound comprehension to utilize and work with these elements! Naturally you will be able to use the motifs thereafter much more effectively, as if you would exercise to solve combinations solely. Or do you think one should try to write a novel before learning the letters, the words and the grammar?!" No other software required.

ChessCentral School of Elementary Tactics

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