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Large Framed Calendar 24x36 OFFer dry framed calendar Ranking TOP10 erase landscap

Large Framed Calendar, 24x36 dry erase framed calendar, landscap


Large Framed Calendar, 24x36 dry erase framed calendar, landscap

This dry erase chalkboard is personalized for your unique needs for your family! The best part about these wall calendars is that not only are they functional, but add to the decor of your home! This calendar in particular looks like a chalkboard, but acts like a dry-erase! So you get that rustic, farmhouse feel...without all the chalky, dusty mess! So go ahead and order this dry erase calendar and enjoy using it year after year, instead of your regular throw away 12 month calendar!

Please note this is not a slate chalkboard. This is a chalkboard styled wet erase board. I don't like hearing nails on a chalkboard or having chalk powder clouds everywhere - as I'm sure you don't either!

- 24x36 personalized print installed in the frame you select
- Non-glare protective front
- Comes ready to hang amp; has ability to be written on

Please note that this design will always be made with a title starting and ending with a lowercase letter. The side sections will also be lowercase letters for aesthetic reasons - unless a customer specifically requests otherwise with "use Title Case, lowercase, UPPERCASE, etc)" instructions on their order.

- Customized with your choice of title on top and custom titles for the side sections

Frame Details
- 24x36 Size - Total measurement with basic frame is 26” x 38”
- 24x36 Size - Farmhouse Frame total measurement is 29” x 41”
- Multiple frame colors available (see frame color options
- Frames made of light wood with non-glare, shatterproof front instead of glass, so you can safely hang it on a door without having to worry about breaking it or damaging the door.

Calendar Day Squares Size:
- 24x36 Calendar - approx. 3.1” x 3.1”

Large Framed Calendar, 24x36 dry erase framed calendar, landscap


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