Toys Games , Games Accessories,/craniotympanic1521533.html,Chess,Collector,$35,Coins,StonKraft,Pieces,Chess,Pawn,,Edition,Wooden StonKraft Collector Edition Wooden Coins Max 46% OFF Pawn Pieces Chess $35 StonKraft Collector Edition Wooden Chess Pieces Chess Coins Pawn Toys Games Games Accessories $35 StonKraft Collector Edition Wooden Chess Pieces Chess Coins Pawn Toys Games Games Accessories Toys Games , Games Accessories,/craniotympanic1521533.html,Chess,Collector,$35,Coins,StonKraft,Pieces,Chess,Pawn,,Edition,Wooden StonKraft Collector Edition Wooden Coins Max 46% OFF Pawn Pieces Chess

StonKraft Collector Edition Wooden Coins Max 46% OFF Pawn Pieces Chess Sale

StonKraft Collector Edition Wooden Chess Pieces Chess Coins Pawn


StonKraft Collector Edition Wooden Chess Pieces Chess Coins Pawn

Product description

Size:3.75" Black

Pieces are made of Indian Rosewood amp; Boxwood and have been carved by hand individually.Will go well with any kind of Chess Board. You can alternately look up our wide range of Chess boards to choose from. King Size is 3.75" in Height. Other pieces are proportional to King. Base of the Pieces is of 1.25" diameter which is suitable for 1.25" to 1.5" Square (From 14" to 16" Chess Board Size) or larger chess sets. Please note that slight variation in the photograph and the actual cannot be avoided because each item is hand made individually. To make it easy for you, we have listed the most compatible Chess Boards for you. These can be looked up promptly from the search bar B011LA400I, B011RMW1QA, B011NTUOUC, B011NSITN2, B011NVQ4PE, B011O5ZJQO, B011O3D49K .

StonKraft Collector Edition Wooden Chess Pieces Chess Coins Pawn

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