$23 Leowefowa Graduate 2021 Backdrop 8x8ft Gold Glitter Trencher Cap Electronics Camera Photo Leowefowa Graduate 2021 Backdrop 8x8ft Gold Cap Trencher New life Glitter $23 Leowefowa Graduate 2021 Backdrop 8x8ft Gold Glitter Trencher Cap Electronics Camera Photo Leowefowa Graduate 2021 Backdrop 8x8ft Gold Cap Trencher New life Glitter Gold,/buzzle1662284.html,Cap,Leowefowa,2021,Backdrop,Glitter,8x8ft,Electronics , Camera Photo,Graduate,Trencher,epi-note.jp,$23 Gold,/buzzle1662284.html,Cap,Leowefowa,2021,Backdrop,Glitter,8x8ft,Electronics , Camera Photo,Graduate,Trencher,epi-note.jp,$23

Leowefowa Graduate 2021 Backdrop 8x8ft Gold Cap Trencher San Francisco Mall New life Glitter

Leowefowa Graduate 2021 Backdrop 8x8ft Gold Glitter Trencher Cap


Leowefowa Graduate 2021 Backdrop 8x8ft Gold Glitter Trencher Cap

Product description


Ideal for graduation party decoration,grad prom party photoshoot props,graduates photo shoot,school graduation ceremony photo booth,light your grad party!.
Using a series of high-tech digital production equipment, carefully made digital pictures inkjet pictures.
Different lighting will have different shooting effect, you can try to adjust the lights to make your photos better.
According to rule of post office, all backdrops will be sent by folded, so there may be some creases.
Here are ways to solve it:
(A)Roll it up tightly with a cylinder for 3-4 days, it will be okay.
(B)Iron the back surface with steam iron but not dry iron, then it will be smooth again.
(C)Hang up the product. Hang some items under it. Keep it in a tight status for 3-4 days.
How to customize?
We supply background with the same picture in other size, such as 5x3ft ,3x5ft, 4x5ft, 5x5ft,6x6ft, 5x7ft,7x7ft,8x8ft, 6x9ft,9x7ft,8x10ft,10x10ft, 8x12ft, 10x12ft 10x20ft etc.
1.Contact us by email and tell us the size/style that you need, then we can make it for you..
2. If you want to print your own pictures,pixel must be large enough,more than 1Mbit.
Package Include:
1 x Photography Backdrop(Folding)
Clips or Stand for Photography (not included)
Notes:Please stand the right distance when u take photos. Don't stand too close, in order to have a good shooting effects. Please understand that every computer screen is different, therefore,colors may vary slightly.

Leowefowa Graduate 2021 Backdrop 8x8ft Gold Glitter Trencher Cap

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