$30 Workwear Core Stretch Women Scrubs Set V-Neck Top 4727 Pull-On Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Workwear Core Stretch Women Scrubs V-Neck Top Pull-On Set Bargain 4727 Stretch,Workwear,V-Neck,Women,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Top,4727,Core,Scrubs,Set,epi-note.jp,Pull-On,$30,/buzzle1577084.html $30 Workwear Core Stretch Women Scrubs Set V-Neck Top 4727 Pull-On Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Stretch,Workwear,V-Neck,Women,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Top,4727,Core,Scrubs,Set,epi-note.jp,Pull-On,$30,/buzzle1577084.html Workwear Core Stretch Women Scrubs V-Neck Top Pull-On Set Bargain 4727

Workwear Core Stretch Women Scrubs V-Neck 2021new shipping free shipping Top Pull-On Set Bargain 4727

Workwear Core Stretch Women Scrubs Set V-Neck Top 4727 Pull-On


Workwear Core Stretch Women Scrubs Set V-Neck Top 4727 Pull-On

Product description

Cherokee Workwear Core Stretch SCRUB TOP PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: A Modern Classic fit V-neck top features crossover front yokes and patch pockets. The right side pocket has a sectional pocket and I.D. loop. A back yoke, back princess seams and side vents complete the picture. Center back length: 27". SCRUB PANT PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: A Modern Classic fit, mid rise, straight leg pant features a soft elastic inside waistband, front patch pockets and an additional small right patch pocket. Also featured are double cargo side pockets with an instrument loop and a bungee cord with a clear toggle at the leg hems for adjustability. Inseam length: 28 1/2"

Workwear Core Stretch Women Scrubs Set V-Neck Top 4727 Pull-On

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