$56 Turnout 1680D Horse Winter Waterproof - Horse Blanket 004 - Size Pet Supplies Horses Turnout 1680D Horse Winter Waterproof 004 Size latest - Blanket Turnout 1680D Horse Winter Waterproof 004 Size latest - Blanket Turnout,Size,-,Pet Supplies , Horses,$56,1680D,-,epi-note.jp,Horse,Waterproof,Blanket,Horse,004,Winter,/buzzle1521684.html $56 Turnout 1680D Horse Winter Waterproof - Horse Blanket 004 - Size Pet Supplies Horses Turnout,Size,-,Pet Supplies , Horses,$56,1680D,-,epi-note.jp,Horse,Waterproof,Blanket,Horse,004,Winter,/buzzle1521684.html

Turnout 1680D Horse Winter Waterproof 004 Size latest - free shipping Blanket

Turnout 1680D Horse Winter Waterproof - Horse Blanket 004 - Size


Turnout 1680D Horse Winter Waterproof - Horse Blanket 004 - Size

Product description

1680D waterproof, breathable turnout
300g polyester filling
Heavy reinforced stitching
Faux fur on withers
Double front buckles
Removable nylon leg straps
No center seam
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Color: Purple and Blue
Size: 72"

Please Note: It is very important to find a proper blanket to fit your horse. Tight fitting blanket will rub shoulders and withers, causing irritation and "bald" spots. A blanket that is too loose will turn and shift, catch on latches and gates.

How to measure your horse for a proper fitting:
1. Obtain a soft measuring tape.
2. Measure from the center of the chest along the side of the barrel and belly (A) to the point just before the tail (B). The measurement thus obtained will be the blanket size for your horse.
3. If your horse is between sizes, step up to the next blanket size.

Turnout 1680D Horse Winter Waterproof - Horse Blanket 004 - Size

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