$29 27x18 Black Wood Picture Frame - with Acrylic Front and Foam Boa Home Kitchen Home Décor Products 27x18 Black Wood Picture Frame - Boa Don't miss the campaign Acrylic and with Foam Front $29 27x18 Black Wood Picture Frame - with Acrylic Front and Foam Boa Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Frame,Acrylic,Picture,-,$29,Front,Boa,27x18,/buzzle1421884.html,with,Wood,and,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Foam,epi-note.jp,Black 27x18 Black Wood Picture Frame - Boa Don't miss the campaign Acrylic and with Foam Front Frame,Acrylic,Picture,-,$29,Front,Boa,27x18,/buzzle1421884.html,with,Wood,and,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Foam,epi-note.jp,Black

27x18 Black Wood Popular products Picture Frame - Boa Don't miss the campaign Acrylic and with Foam Front

27x18 Black Wood Picture Frame - with Acrylic Front and Foam Boa


27x18 Black Wood Picture Frame - with Acrylic Front and Foam Boa

Product description

This frame is a classic in design and creativity - a true evergreen in interior design. Featuring a stunning three quarter inch wide sleek matte black finsh on top of solid wood. Custom Made to display artwork, photos, documents, instagram photos, autographs, sports shot, diplomas, message boards, mirrors, and media measuring 27x18 inches. Solid wood construction with glued and v-nailed corners. Frame grade acrylic front, acid free foam board backing, and hanging hardware included (sizes 11x14 and smaller include an easel for table top display). Proudly Custom Made in the USA!

27x18 Black Wood Picture Frame - with Acrylic Front and Foam Boa

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