White,epi-note.jp,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,6",4",in,Frame,,X,Tizo,Italy,/archsteward1577743.html,Wooden,Made,$33 Tizo 4" X 6" White Frame In stock Made Italy in Wooden $33 Tizo 4" X 6" White Wooden Frame, Made in Italy Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Tizo 4" X 6" White Frame In stock Made Italy in Wooden $33 Tizo 4" X 6" White Wooden Frame, Made in Italy Home Kitchen Home Décor Products White,epi-note.jp,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,6",4",in,Frame,,X,Tizo,Italy,/archsteward1577743.html,Wooden,Made,$33

Tizo List price 4

Tizo 4" X 6" White Wooden Frame, Made in Italy


Tizo 4" X 6" White Wooden Frame, Made in Italy

Product description

Handmade in Italy, these frames are truly unique and there is a color, style and size for everyone. from natural woods to bright vibrant colors.

Tizo 4" X 6" White Wooden Frame, Made in Italy

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