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Superhero Ranking New product!! TOP3 Zentai Bodysuit Adult Cosplay Spandex Kids Cost Onesie

Superhero Zentai Bodysuit Adult Cosplay Kids Spandex Onesie Cost


Superhero Zentai Bodysuit Adult Cosplay Kids Spandex Onesie Cost

Product description

What you will get: Color "Bodysuit and Mask" includes: A bodysuit and matching mask.
100% brand new.
Please note mask and bodysuit are separated!

Features very comfortable breathable and excellent expansibility.
Printed on 4-way stretch spandex. Has super stretch for a snug fit.
Permanent color. Never Fade.
Reinforced seams amp; stitches, delicate sewing craft.

The size of the costume is different from the size of normal clothing. Therefore, we recommend you to choose the size according to the size chart. You may normally have a medium size in clothing, but depending on your height measurements you have to choose the size XL in costume. If you are confused about the size chart or do not know how to choose the right size, please feel free to contact us, we'll give you some size advise.

Size Chart:(Unit: CM)
XS-Height 100-110---Bust 55--- Waist 48--- Hips 54
S---Height 110-120---Bust 60--- Waist 52--- Hips 58
M--Height 120-130---Bust 65--- Waist 56--- Hips 64
L---Height 130-140---Bust 70--- Waist 61--- Hips 68
XL-Height 140-150---Bust 75--- Waist 67--- Hips 73
S-----Height 150-160---Bust 76-84-------Waist 64-71--- Hips 79-86
M-----Height 160-165---Bust 81-89-------Waist 69-76--- Hips 84-91
L------Height 165-170---Bust 86-94 ------Waist 74-81--- Hips 89-97
XL----Height 170-175---Bust 91-99-------Waist 79-86--- Hips 94-102
2XL--Height 175-180---Bust 96-104-----Waist 84-91--- Hips 99-107
3XL--Height 180-185---Bust 101-106---Waist 89-96--- Hips 104-112

We're here for you--If there is ever anything you need, our super awesome customer care team has your back. We thank you for choosing us and we know you will love to wear it out.
The Zentai suit is available for men, woman, youth and kids.
Since the costume with lenses, so we recommend hand washing.

Superhero Zentai Bodysuit Adult Cosplay Kids Spandex Onesie Cost

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