$104 ArmaLaser Designed to fit Ruger SR9c SR40c GTO Green Laser Sight Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness SR40c,SR9c,to,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,GTO,$104,Designed,Ruger,Laser,/Dodonaeaceae1521070.html,Green,epi-note.jp,ArmaLaser,Sight,fit $104 ArmaLaser Designed to fit Ruger SR9c SR40c GTO Green Laser Sight Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness ArmaLaser OFFicial store Designed to fit Ruger SR9c Sight Laser Green SR40c GTO SR40c,SR9c,to,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,GTO,$104,Designed,Ruger,Laser,/Dodonaeaceae1521070.html,Green,epi-note.jp,ArmaLaser,Sight,fit ArmaLaser OFFicial store Designed to fit Ruger SR9c Sight Laser Green SR40c GTO

ArmaLaser OFFicial store Designed to fit Ruger Special sale item SR9c Sight Laser Green SR40c GTO

ArmaLaser Designed to fit Ruger SR9c SR40c GTO Green Laser Sight


ArmaLaser Designed to fit Ruger SR9c SR40c GTO Green Laser Sight

Product Description

There's never been anything like the GTO.

GTOG/FLX45 fits Ruger SR40C and SR9C.

Custom designed to fit perfectly. The GTOG/FLX45 is the most technologically-advanced laser sight available for the Ruger SR40C and SR9C.


  • Grip-Touch Activation by using FLX
  • Side-Touch Activation without FLX
  • Ultra-bright 520nm green laser
  • Fits onto almost any Picatinny Rail

U.S. Patents 9,328,994; 10,054,396

Additional Patents Pending

Class 3R Laser Product (Does not exceed Class IIIA emission limits), lt;5mW power output.

ArmaLaser Designed to fit Ruger SR9c SR40c GTO Green Laser Sight

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